Monday, December 15, 2014

Brick by Brick

The Anchorage Museum, is a cool museum that caters to just about everything.  They have great art exhibits showing many different types of art, including some that is created by local artists. There is a section dedicated to the history of Alaska, which is awesome for us "Newbies" who really need to brush up (or even start) on our Alaskan History.  They have a kids section, which is more science based called the Imaginarium that my kids could spend hours in playing and interacting with all sorts of hands-on exhibits.  One of their traveling exhibits is called Brick by Brick and it is all about Legos. 

Have you met my kids??  THEY are all about Legos. I swear the Museum must have known we were coming before we did because it was pretty amazing.  They have a section set up to just play and build anything your heart desires as long as it uses Legos.  It also has several iPads set up with different Lego games. My favorite section was art that people have created with Legos. It was quite remarkable.


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