Friday, December 19, 2014

Eagle River

13 miles north of Anchorage is the town of Eagle River.  Its technically still part of Anchorage, even though it there is several miles of forest (and the joint military bases) in between.  Its small, but growing. (its big enough for a Walmart).  The Eagle River flows through the town. Since today is the first day that the boys are out of school for Christmas Break, we took a little drive up there to check it out.
We drove east up the main road, toward the Chugach Mountains.  We ended up driving 10 miles to what is the actual start of the Iditarod Race at the Chugach State Park (There is a "ceremonial" start in  downtown Anchorage but this is the actual starting place!) 

There was a nice visitors center with all kinds of information about the animals that are native to the area.  They offer different activities there for all age groups all year round, including a Jr Ranger program for younger kids. Tomorrow night they have a Lantern Hike up the main trail.  Unfortunately, Zach only brought his hoodie, not a heavy coat, so he wasn't really up for much outdoor exploration. (Party Pooper) But I do imagine us going up there often. (especially since I bought a Membership pass for a year)  When we lived in Vernal, Utah, we found a spot outside of town, in Dinosaur National Monument that we claimed as our own special hangout place.  We miss it and are eager to find a  place outdoors to claim as ours as well, here.  I'm hoping we just did.

Zach freezing as I make him take a picture

I loved the mountain in the back ground.

The Eagle River

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