Thursday, January 8, 2015

Slippy strikes again

Several years ago, my darling brother Jeff and his "funny" friends gave me the nickname "Slippy" after I slipped on some ice in Vermont. My falling and hurting myself is a pretty constant thing. I can't begin to count the umber of times I've stubbed/broken toes, stained my ankles, bonked my head. I have bruises that I can't account for because I'm a klutz!!

Christmas afternoon I actually forgot to bring in the sleds we bought for the boys from out in the shed. So after the craze of building, creating, engineering on the Lego table died down, we went out to get the sleds. We'd gotten about 2 inches of fresh snow that morning, which Zach had just shoveled off the back deck. I took one step off the first step and both of my feet came out from under me. My backside slammed down on one step, and my left hand went out behind me to brace my fall. My thumb slammed against the corner of the step. My kids and hubby rushed to my side and asked repeatedly if I was ok. (They're so sweet). Now-- when I get hurt really badly-- I get quiet. It's about the only time I get quiet too. I was SILENT.  I wanted to cry, and swear, but didn't do either (so proud!!) we got the sleds out, and I went inside to get some ice. 

About an hour later, David and I decided I should get my hand checked out. It was sorta swollen. It was starting to bruise in weird ways. If I took ice off of it- it hurt like crazy!! So we went to Providence Medical Center and had X-rays done. Turns out I broke my thumb  (technically the head of the first metacarpal bone). It's a crack- so nothing had to be reset (thank goodness). And I have a splint on my thumb until January 5 when I get to see a specialist. I'm hoping no surgery!! 

With all the back problems I've had in my life- my back is doing really well. My backside has a horrible bruise on it. Don't worry I'm not posting any pictures... And non have been taken! Here is the only "visual" you need--- the bruise takes up about 1/4 of one butt cheek, and is the color of eggplant.  Its an uglier bruise than my thumb. 

Never had a cast before. I was always curious what it was like. After a few days of a splint, I can't say I'm eager for the next few weeks. Showering is a pain not only because I can't get it wet, but having 2 opposable thumbs is something I have taken for granted. I miss my thumb!! Doing my hair is becoming a joke. How do you hold a hair dryer with 4 fingers one the one hand and try to style with your other hand? The doctor gave me a prescription pain medicine--- but I can't get the darn lid off... And never mind the dumb blister packets the medicine is in (inside that "childproof" bottle).  I'm so glad my kids are bigger and can do most things independently. This one handed mom is struggling! 

But my favorite "frustration" is when my kids are getting all bundled up to go sledding and the struggle getting their coats zipped with their gloved hands and want ME to help? Arg!! 

Darn sleds! 

*** Update.  I got an email from the hospital about logging on to see my records. I did and the radiologist said it was NOT broken.  The first thing I did was cut the cast/splint off and then realized how much my thumb kinda liked it.  OUCH!  But the freedom was nice, and showering without plastic bags on my arm was delightful.  I bought a removable thumb brace. It is so nice to be able to wash my hands and take it off at night and sleep much more comfortably. 

When we went to the specialist, he agreed that it was not broken, but understood why the ER doc thought it was broken. He said it was sprained badly and that the brace I bought was perfect and I should wear it for 2-4 weeks.  It is definitely feeling better. It gets sore if I try to use it too much, and my grip is pretty weak, but that will heal in time!  
The cast/split

After I cut the cast off.  The bruising isn't as ugly as it was.

The boys made sure we felt "WELCOM" when we got home. They ran out of room for the E.

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