Thursday, January 29, 2015

Moving On

At this point in my life, I'm kinda tired of packing... and moving.  But it happened again this last weekend.  We started looking for our own place to live a couple weeks ago.  Its an exciting but stressful process.  Our application was accepted and we got the keys last Friday night.  We had some things ready to go, but because of plans for the rest of the weekend we weren't able to spend our first night here until Sunday.  

Remember we got rid of pretty much everything - and what we didn't get rid of (mostly sentimental stuff) is still in storage in Utah.  Grandma and Grandpa bought the kids beds before we got here, and David and I are sleeping on a spare queen mattress until we have money to buy one we want. It is ULTRA firm - which is not our style of comfort.  Its slightly better than sleeping on a rock, though, so we are grateful.  We bought a dining table and chairs (that need some love), an older TV, armoire and king sized bed frame from David's boss.  We got some hand-me-down dishes and kitchen things from Grandma and Grandpa too.  Now the fun begins of getting things organized and things unpacked.

Its pretty expensive to rebuild the household supplies.  But its kinda been fun to think about my style for this place and such.  No fun purchases yet really.  For some weird reason I really look forward to having a gorgeous bathroom.  (maybe its because I love to take a long hot bath) But right now, i can't fathom spending $25 x 2 bathrooms for cool curtains and more for fun soap dispensers and pretty, fluffy towels.  So, I have boring white curtains.... for now.

We are waiting for one more W2 so we can file taxes and then hopefully, we will get a couch to sit on with our refund!!  (and a comfy soft, fluffy, sinkable bed).

There are a billion reasons why as adults, you don't want to live with parents again, and a billion more why parents don't want their adult kids to live with them again.  Don't get me wrong... our relationship is still really good, and we all still love each other... but space is good!! Even if its only a 1.5 miles. We are so grateful for all the help we've received from all of our family in this transition. And it is SO nice to have our own house, with our own rules and way of doing things.  

I realized the other day, that I am truly happy.  I'm really happy to be in Alaska... of all places. I never thought that would happen, let alone that I would want it!  I'm happy with my kids, their schools, they choices they make and who they are.  Im happy with me and my little job (I'll update that in a min). and feeling productive that I'm making a difference and using my brain for more than dinner plans. I'm happy with my relationship with my husband.  There have been plenty of hard times when i didn't think he and I would make it... but here we are still happy, still like each other a bit!  I haven't felt happy with everything like this in a long time.  Its like we have been going through the motions of life, getting through one day to the next, trying not to drown.  David and I both feel very free and at peace here, and like our lives have possibilities here.  Its exciting! 

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