Thursday, January 8, 2015


Christmas in Alaska is pretty magical. This is the 2nd Christmas Zach, David and I have spent here. (we came in 2003) But this was different since we are no longer visitors. We had a gorgeous real tree this year (usually have fake ones because we are cheap... I mean broke). The smell of the pine really does add to the festive atmosphere. We had fun decorating the tree with Grandpa David and GramAnita. And I think it looked amazing!

Christmas Eve, my kids get to open one present- which is always pajamas. I found some great Star Wars shirts and matched them with sweat pants for Cannon and Elliot, but I had found some great fleese Star Wars pants for Zach. They were a hit, and everything fit well. The kids did really good actually staying in bed that night too!  (Amazing!!) 

Christmas Morning, we brought the kids downstairs together to see the stockings. I love the boys faces, with the excitement, sense of wonder and Christmas tree lights glimmering in their eyes. The big hit was the Lego table/wall Grandpa David made. It was installed, wrapped and waiting to be opened last. 

It's got 9 gray 15x15" Lego base plates to create a wall and 8 green 10x10 base plates for the floor/table area. There's space to hold 3 storage bins to sort all their Legos so there is no reason to have any pieces left out for stepping on! It's pretty awesome! It's actually screwed into the wall for stability and safety. Wrapping it was much harder than anticipated.  GramAnita and I were trying (failing) to make it pretty. Grandpa David ended up just covering it in brown paper and painters tape. 

There isn't a Lego store in Alaska, and building this was an idea that came after we visited the museum, so we were waiting on UPS to get the orders on time. Our last ones came December 23!! (Expected delete very date was December 16!). Just in the knick of time!! We were pretty nervous! I'm so glad it did!! it's been so fun to see what the boys come up with!! I guess I'll save that for a future post!!

David got some Ice Cleats for Christmas... Maybe Santa needs to get me some too!!

The Unwrapping of the new Lego Table/wall


Papa (Sarah's Dad) always wraps presents kinda crazy.  We call it "Papa Wrapping" and my kids look forward to it! 

He sent cash, rolled up, and was dispensed in a can, decorated by his girlfriend, Ruby.