Thursday, January 29, 2015

Widdymac Enterprises

A few weeks after we got here, my mother -in- law asked me if I would want to be her assistant.  She's a realtor and has many tasks on several committees and programs in the state to help with real estate law and regulations. She also teaches real estate continuing education classes. When she's not showing houses, she is always quite busy with some meeting, and is very knowledgable and has a TON going on.  To keep things easier, she asked that I get a business license (and pay my own taxes). She drew up a contract and she started throwing things at me to help her with. 

So that's how Widdymac Enterprises was born and I have a license to do business in the state of Alaska.  Mainly I handle many office tasks that she just doesn't have time to do.  I help her stay organized with filing, databases,  assist in classes, help publish her quarterly newsletter, mailings, etc I'm also working on her social media presence and will be working on her websites as well. Its not a ton of hours, but I'm picking things up, LEARNING a bunch about Real Estate (something I knew nothing about).  But its pretty perfect because I can set my own hours, work when I want (with some deadlines).  She has appreciated that I've come up with ideas and been trying to think of new things she can do get the marketing side of her business going a bit stronger.  Some ideas have not worked, but she sees that I'm investing my own time trying to solve problems she is facing.  Somethings work, some don't and its ok.  

I can pick up more business from others if wanted and I could decide later that I want to get a Real Estate Licence - whether to sell or just to help in other tasks that I can't do without being licensed.  

I may stick with it forever, or I may not.  Its all still new and exciting and possibilities seem pretty endless right now.  

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