Tuesday, March 3, 2015


February has been pretty crazy--- crazy enough that I forgot about my little blog! Oopsie! I need to go out and take pictures of things here. Add that to my TODO list, please!

Really, we are just working on getting settled. Life is pretty much the same on a day to day basis if you don't stop and appreciate what's going on around you. We've kinda gotten caught up in the routine. 

I've been asked by several people about the daylight situation. The sun is up by about 8 am and down by 6pm or so. I haven't needed my happy light for weeks. 

Our landlords really seem to be pretty great. They've gone through our move in check list and addressed everything on it-- even down to figuring out a funky smell coming from our drain. It's so nice to not have that smell anymore. It was pretty rank! We also got a new dishwasher after the one here started leaking.  They are very quick to respond to questions. 

The boys are doing well in school. Zach was recently given an award for Academic Excellence. All of his teachers want him to take Honors classes next year in High School (EEEK!) He is making some good friends!  Cannon and Elliot are doing really well in their classes as well. Cannon's teacher is excellent--- (Her name is Ms Cannon!!) He really needed someone who would appreciate his sweetness and gentleness. He is one of the top kids, is always the positive kid cheering everyone up! I love that he is happy there. It is still a struggling to get him reading-- thanks to Parent Teacher Conferences, I found out he has had a weekly reading report to turn in-- that he hasn't been doing! Can't say I'm too surprised that that was "forgotten". Elliot is doing well in school too. He is on grade level with everything. He has a friend that lives on our street. 

We finally got a home phone set up so the boys can contact us if we are out. But the boys have mainly used it to contact old friends. They've had a blast reconnecting with buddies. They've had giant grins on their faces because of it! We still have a couple whose numbers have changed. Luckily Facebook helps keep lines open as well. 

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