Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Potters Marsh

Just south of town is a wildlife area called Potter's Marsh.  They have built a boardwalk around the area so you can actually walk around and see what a marsh really is without disrupting the wildlife ... and getting soggy and cold along the way.  I can't say I'd ever been to a marsh before.  But it was very interesting, and as spring comes, I anticipate a lot more interest  in what happens there.

My Dad visited Alaska last summer and I remember him showing us pictures of Potters Marsh in August... with lots of dead salmon.  I remember thinking it must have been smelly.  The day I was there, was a crisp, breezy day, but not overly cold.  I had a sweater on and along as I didn't sit too long in one spot, I was ok.

On west side of the highway, you have the marsh, other the other side, you have The Turnagain Arm section of  Cook Inlet... so Ocean. And through out the marsh there are all types of nests, and lots of soggy shrubs, and streams.  This is a major spawning site for the Salmon in just a few months, so I'm guessing there will be lots of different types of wildlife here very soon. Which is why my dad came across lots of dead fishies. I figure we will see lots of bears here getting their fill of salmon. It is quite the little ecosystem there.  I have not brought my kids there, yet, but I imagine my budding scientists and animal lovers will really enjoy seeing life happen before their eyes.
I found this birdhouse really cute on its leaning post.

Storm over the Chugach Mountains, and Kenai Peninsula.  Potters March and Boardwalk in the foreground.

Babbling brook in Potters Marsh.  The Ice is beginning to melt. 

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