Friday, January 9, 2015


Seward is a small fishing town about 3 hours south of Anchorage. It is home to the SeaLife Center and offers many tours that are very busy in the summer.  In the winter, its a sleepy little town. It is on the Kenai Peninsuala, and nestled in Resurrection Bay.

We went down to the SeaLife Research center and really had a great time.  Its not a typical Aquarium, although we kept referring to it as one. They are a field office for marine biology research here.  In the summer they offer a lot more exhibits and interactions. We enjoyed looking at the fish, octopus, starfish, seals and puffins.

A Puffin. Elliot was quite disappointed that there are no penguins here, But  really liked this guy.  Once he got back in the water, he started splashing around and getting us cold and wet. They boys named him Bomber.
This is a cute Momma Giant Octopus. See all that white stuff she is cradling?  That is her eggs. Once she lays eggs, she stops eating in order to protect them. She will soon die once the eggs mature. 
We later enjoyed a nice lunch at a local restaurant called "Chinooks" (which is named after the native word for King Salmon) The meals were large and David and I shared a Country Fried Steak that was THE BEST.  They used tenderized sirloin instead of tenderized round steak so it was very flavorful and tender.

SEA OTTERS! They were enjoying their lunch while we were having ours!

This is a local celebrity... the Giant Chalktopus. He can be found inside Chinooks Restaurant.  

I LOVE the mountains here.  There is something quite majestic and magnificant about them.  I can't figure out what it is.  The mountains in Utah were much higher, and I loved them. But Alaska mountains are just different.  My Dad loaned me his "old" digital camera, one much more advanced than my current abilities.  I've enjoyed toying around with it to take some great pics of the area.

Mt. Alice on the the other side of Resurrection Bay

It was 17 degrees in Seward, with the sun shining.  I loved being able to see the snow whip around in the wind. I was grateful I wasn't up there! 

This is the Sun rising as we arrived in Seward.

This was the sunset about 20 miles south of Anchorage.  Because of the position of the sun, really low on the horizon all day long, the sunsets seem to last forever.  Sorry if its grainy.  I took this one with my phone while in the car.


  1. I'm so glad I finally had time to catch up on y'all. Looks awesome! Glad your thumb's doing better. I think I need one of those lights. Loves to everyone! And yes, Ma'am, you should get a pair of those shoes.😉